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Microsoft Satv Agreement

Your organization has acquired a Microsoft software volume license agreement (volume licensing program) and received a series of “Software Assurance Training Voucher (SATV)”? Once your company has met the eligibility requirements and your program participants have passed the compliance training, you can sign the Voucher Insurance Training Program Agreement and register. Check all the saTV program rules, then follow the step 2 instructions of the workflow to complete the SATV recording process in the Partner Center. Please visit the Volume Service website at licensing.microsoft.com and sign up to cancel a voucher. Has your organization acquired a Microsoft software licensing agreement? In this case, you can exchange Microsoft Software Assurance training vouchers and receive free training for some Microsoft training courses. If your organization doesn`t water its SATVs, you can leave free training dollars on the table. Note When you purchase your passcodes during an existing agreement, the costs and benefits are assessed based on the duration of the agreement. You can access content for Microsoft training and certification solutions (microsoft E-Reference Libraries and Microsoft Certification Program) using passcodes. Access codes put the choice of learning in the hands of your employees. As an administrator, you will receive your access codes electronically at the beginning of your volume licensing agreement. You can activate the codes at any time during the term of the contract.

You can first activate your SATVs on the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service (MVLS) website: www.microsoft.com/Licensing/servicecenter/ To start with Microsoft training and certification products, contact your Volume Licensing Manager. If you want questions about pricing, licensing and accelerated discounting, email MSLVLPurchase@microsoft.com. No no. Access codes for online volume licensing services (including Microsoft training and certification solutions) are assigned to individuals and are not transferable. You won`t get a refund. All unused codes expire at the end of the contract. 1. Make sure your Microsoft Software license agreement contains insurance training vouchers.

As a general rule, you need to be a benefit administrator to view all the information. Microsoft`s training and certification solutions offer one-tier prices for a single package. Microsoft`s training and certification solutions can be ordered as a 12-month subscription or are evaluated based on the number of months remaining in the master`s agreement. There is no need for a separate user subscription license (USL) or a add-on Subscription License (ASL) required for other online volume licensing programs.

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