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Bns User Agreement

Patches( .xml): It`s my own format, a bit like addons, but much more powerful, although there`s a steeper learning curve. The location is configurable, but in general, if you don`t know exactly what you`re doing, you should add patches.xml in %userprofile%-Documents-BnS and any additional patches (if any) in %userprofile%-Documents-BnS. There are indeed courts that do not accept this as a legitimate addons agreement (.patch): Legacy BnS Buddy Style Addons, which you are probably already used to. You are only able to search rudimentary and replace the text in .xml files. These are included in %userprofile-Documents-BnS-Add Anyway, this thread will be closed tomorrow by a GM who orders you not to publish the username of other users on the forums, bnspatch charge %userprofile%-Documents-Patches BnS.xml which can be used to apply different types of transformations to each .xml file loaded by Blade. There is also support for BnS Buddy Addons (patch files). Simply place them in %userprofile%-Documents-BnS-Addons. I just had a question if someone else has the blade and soul of the user`s chord opening pop every time you open the game while you click okay. How can you stop this? There are a few overlapping functions, but yes. Just understand that bnspatch`s changes have always prevailed over the contradictory changes made by BnS Buddy. So my question is. Why didn`t you sell the gold on the market? No no.

Each component works individually and can be used together or separately. If that were to happen, whereas in agreement with 1500 other people in q, I would consider reading it the vast majority of account thefts – that is, “hacked accounts” – are done by account holders who have already shared their accounts and have not been able to secure them afterwards. This project is exclusively for education. The use of a live server is contrary to blade-soul rules of conduct and the user agreement. I take no responsibility if you are banning yourself while you are using it. Translated with Google: As I suggested, I doubt the support will do anything, but trying not to lose anything to create the ticket, go to support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/en-us/requests/new and select the option “Report a reader”, then you have a description of what happened in this theme, including the video and waits for your response. Although, as you say, support is not responsible for these things, but it should also support the players, I say from my point of view. On the other hand, as it was answered, it would be easier than the next time you use F9 to open the market and sell the gold you have for HCoin, then buy your keys yourself, or if you ask another player to send them to you. (By the way the Trove event is a scam, don`t expect to get more than junk food) Yes, this is the first time a ticket has been sent. Here`s the thing: ev`rytime I click “submit a ticket” the site sends me to my main NCsoft page account, so in the non-sure to do in the blind AF, or in something wrong, but, the same thing happens in 3 different browsers / even the direct link of this buddy divided in his article above. Send me to the NC account index.

Yes, this is my first time to send a ticket. UPDATE I sent an email to an nc employee, with the right information, so I think it`s a matter of time, I should receive an answer: /// man…

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